MRH Paving and Landscaping

About Us

MRH Paving & Sealcoating was started by owner Mike Humphreys in 2004. Mostly only sealcoating drive ways, he kept working year after year pushing to the next level. Now, 16 years later, MRH can handle any paving or sealcoating job. We put down over 10,000 ton of asphalt per season and handle over 5 million sq ft of sealcoating per season.

Mike talked to many different people from contractors to property managers and he kept hearing how they hated having to deal with multiple contractors to take care of their services. Mike sat down with everyone from MRH and decided to open MRH Landscaping & Snowplowing in 2015. MRH now works with over 50 different management companies taking care of all their asphalt and landscaping needs.